The Construction Industry is Changing – KTH Transformation Day 2021 on construction business

The construction business has traditionally not changed that much. However, new technology, sustainability, and high values of real estate are currently driving the transformation of the sector. The KTH Transformation Day 2021, reflects the ongoing trends, and gives an outlook for the future built society with researchers, politicians, and industry representatives discussing the business of today, and what needs to be done going forward in this important sector. Watch the recorded Transformation Day 2021 by using the link below.
A genre photo of construction cranes in the sky.

Watch the recording from when Sustainable Finance Lab’s Kent Eriksson presented a study on the construction business transformation at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm’s Transformation Day 2021 on Tuesday, December 7 at 09.00 – 12.30.

Read more at the KTH, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm page.

Some of the participants are:

  • Sustainable Finance Lab’s Director and Professor Kent Eriksson
  • Stefan Lindbäck, CEO, Lindbäcks Group 
  • Cecilia Granath, CEO, Tyréns, Sweden 
  • Ulf Håkansson, Technical Manager, Skanska, Sweden

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