Sustainable Finance Lab’s Beatrice Crona Presented at Swesif Seminars on Biodiversity and Finance

Beatrice Krona

Below are links to and information about the seminars where Sustainable Finance Lab’s Beatrice Crona presented on biodiversity and finance. 

Biodiversity and Finance – Why and What? – Swesif

In the first Swesif webinar on Biodiversity and Finance the focus was on the ‘What’ and ‘Why’ of addressing biodiversity. A thorough introduction on what the science tells us about the importance of biodiversity and its role for the real economy as well as investors and shorter statements to highlight ongoing and emerging initiatives to address the biodiversity issue in the financial sector.

Biodiversity and Finance – How? – Swesif

In the second webinar, Beatrice Crona and Flora Gaber (AP7) dig into the ‘how’, by examining a few of the biodiversity metrics currently available on the market. Tune in to find out more about their respective strengths and weaknesses.

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