April 2022

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Research: Examining how gender distribution in the board composition of Swedish companies affects business performance over time

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Research: Reviewing the literature on urban sustainability and highlighting the complexities and trade-offs between and within the three Es – ecology, economy and equality


Seminar on the growing role of the financial sector in achieveing climate change mitigation and adaptation


The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission has announced the 4th edition of its Summer School on Sustainable Finance

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Research: Investigating the innovation capabilities, absorptive capacity and innovation ecosystems of the real estate sector

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Research: Analyzing the motivations behind sustainable investment to transition the financial market effectively towards sustainability

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Research: Method development conducted on the security of supply and circularity of transport biofuels

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New funding to Sustainable Finance Lab partners will boost efforts towards a greener economy


New Report – Policies for Sustainable Finance to Fund the Climate Transition

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