Research: Analyzing the motivations behind sustainable investment to transition the financial market effectively towards sustainability

Sustainable Finance Lab’s Professor Joakim Sandberg and Dr. Emma Sjöström have in a paper analyzed the motivations behind sustainable investment in production and consumption. In their paper, they discuss their findings and argue for the importance of continued research in the field for the sake of transitioning the financial market towards sustainability.
Photo: Pixabay

This journal article, authored by SFL Co-director Professor Joakim Sandberg and Dr. Emma Sjöström dwells deeper into and analyzes sustainable investment in consumption and production. In particular, they analyze the motivations – financial versus moral – of key actors in the field. In their paper, they argue and reveal that sustainable investment, a practice that is currently changing the landscape of financial markets, is markedly heterogeneous and builds on at least two “institutional logics” that point in rather different directions. Therefore, so that sustainable investment can become a stronger and more efficient force for sustainability they make the case for why there is a need to seriously address the background issue of motivation. 

This summary only scratches the surface, access the paper here to learn more

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