Research: Examining the ethics of alternative currencies

Professor Joakim Sandberg of SFL has together with other researchers in the field looked into the ethics of alternative currencies, in light of society’s and academia’s renewed interest in alternative currencies such as Bitcoin – and they have recently published an article which reviews the ethical implications of these alternative monetary projects.

Alternative currencies have existed for a long time, however there has recently been a renown interest shown by society as well as academia in alternative currencies’ potential to decentralize the governance of monetary affairs and to bring people and organizations together in more ethical and sustainable ways. The recently published article by Professor Joakim Sandberg, Dr Camille Mayer, Dr Louis Laure and Professor Mark Hudon analyzes the ethical challenges linked to how these alternative currencies tackle social and environmental issues. They extend the ethical analysis of alternative currencies for the sake of connecting it to such broader issues in the fields of business ethics and political philosophy, with the overall ambition to stimulate further and more ambitious debate. The incentive-based and coercive mechanisms utilized by these currencies are examined and furthermore the very promises and perils of monetary decentralization and democracy are debated.

To take part of their analysis and conclusions, please access the journal article here.

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