Sustainable Finance Lab at Almedalen 2022

Earlier this summer, Sustainable Finance Lab’s Center Director Kent Eriksson participated in two of SFL partner, Sparbankernas Riksförbund’s (the Saving Banks Association), seminars at Almedalen – the arguably most important yearly political forum in Sweden. The nature and ‘how’ of sustainable saving was discussed with leading experts in the field, as well as the nature of green loans, sustainable housing, and more, with the intention of providing valuable insights relevant to all.

At Almedalen, which in 2022 took place between the 3rd to 7th July in Visby, SFL’s Director and Professor Kent Eriksson took part in two of Sparbankernas Riksförbund‘s (Saving Banks Association’s) seminars.

The first event, ”Saving and sustainability – is it sustainable? Could your saving practices contribute to a more sustainable society?” (”Sparande och hållbarhet – håller det? Kan ditt sparande bidra till ett hållbart samhälle?”) was about the nature of ’sustainable saving’ and the relevant EU’s regulations, the economical ecosystem on this matter at large and more. Apart from Sustainable Finance Lab’s Professor Kent Eriksson, Liza Jonson (CEO, Swedbank Robur), Magnus Olsson (dr in financial economics and CEO, Dalslands Sparbank), Malin Lindfors Speace (CEO, Ethos) and Philip Scholtzé (savings economist, Fondbolagens förening) also participated and lent their expertise.

To watch the recorded seminar please access this link

Later that same day the second seminar, ”Green loans and sustainable housing – what does it entail?” (Gröna lån och hållbara bostäder – Vad handlar det om?) took place. On the agenda was question such as: “Can you as a consumer more sustainable lend money for housing?”, “Why should housing loans be sustainable?” “How do the banks and governmental institutions conduct their work in relation to this matter?” “Are there any regulations which determine what sustainable loans entail?” and more.

Professor Kent Eriksson, Göran Hedman (CEO Sparbankernas Riksförbund), Johanna Fager Wettergren (head of sustainable finance at Finansinspektionen), Andreas Filipsson (Ethos) and Lennart Ekdal as moderator, discussed these questions together at lenght.

To watch the recorded seminar access this link

Note that both seminars were conducted in Swedish.

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