SFL’s Mark Sanctuary comments on how to close the waste gap

Senior researcher and SFL vice-director Mark Sanctuary recently contributed towards the journal One Earth’s ‘Voices’ section (volume 5 issue 11), commenting on the prevailing sustainability issues pertaining to the export and management of waste and advising on what needs to be done to make import and export practices of waste more sustainable.

Today, over 90% of all used materials are discarded, leading to a great acceleration of waste and widespread and often inequitable socio-environmental challenges. This Voices asks: how can we sustainably manage waste to alleviate its socio-environmental footprints for a circular and inclusive future?

Mark Sanctuary is one of several contributors lending their voice to comment on how to close the so called waste-gap, writing on the export and import practices of wast and waste management. Other contributors such as Iris K.M. Yu writes about turning biomass into valuables, while Helmut Rechberger writes about the necessary sophisticated recycling that is required to establish a circular economy and more.

To access the journal and read their contributions and more on how to close the waste gap access the piece here.

Incentives are warped: it is often more profitable to look for the cheapest place to dump the materials rather than look for the most sustainable use of the material. – Mark Sanctuary

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