Book preview: Migration and Integration in a Post-Pandemic World

On March 14th, a preview of the book “Migration & Integration in a Post-Pandemic World: Socioeconomic Opportunities and Challenges” was presented in the Stockholm School of Economics’ auditorium.
Douglas Massey and Lin Lerpold_2
Douglas Massey and Lin Lerpold.

As the world emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, the book explores current migration and integration challenges. Against the background of long-term migration trends, it asks whether the pandemic has changed the patterns observed, transformed the circumstances international migrants face at destination or whether the opportunities and challenges for integration have been altered.

Twenty-four researchers have contributed to this volume with research attention on how Covid-19 has affected transnationalism and identity, labour market employment or impacted the discrimination of migrants in a variety of ways. Loyalties and tensions created by the need to include also hesitant migrant groups in vaccination programmes are explored. The role of cosmopolitanism and welfare chauvinism in narratives on inward migrations flows, the stance of trade unions on migration, the complexities of implementing return policies, and the challenges faced by unaccompanied refugee youth from Afghanistan are also discussed.

Editors of the book: Lin Lerpold, Örjan Sjöberg, and Karl Wennberg.

The participants got to listen to several of the book’s chapter authors during this multi-stakeholder event, moderated by SFL Vice-director Lin Lerpold, Delmi’s Henrik Malm Lindberg and SSE’s Karl Wennberg. Several speakers participated, including:

  • Academic Keynote by Professor Douglas Massey, Princeton University, who reflected on the era of globalization and neoliberalism.
  • Lars Strannegård, Stockholm School of Economics
  • Joakim Palme, Delmi & Uppsala Universitey
  • Policy Keynote by Anders Hall, State Secretary to Migration Minister (via link)
  • Max Jerneck, SIR CSR
  • Sayaka Osanami Törngren, Malmö University
  • Nahikari Irastorza, Malmö University
  • Jon Rogstad, Oslo Met
  • Eskil Wadensjö, Stockholm University
  • Karin Zelano, University of Oslo

In the second half of the event, a multistakeholder panel discussion followed with:

  • Therese Lindström, Swedish Employment Agency
  • Mardin Baban, New Friends Agency
  • Anna Bartosiewicz, Swedish Migration Agency
  • Susanna Ståhl, Nordic Choice Hotels
  • Anna Carlsson Siegstedt, Diversity Charter Sweden


Content of the book

Introduction to migration and integration in a post-pandemic world

Lin Lerpold, Örjan Sjöberg and Karl Wennberg

The shape of things to come: international migration in the 21st century

Douglas S. Massey

New perspectives on migrant transnationalism in the pandemic era

Özge Bilgili, Maggi W. H. Leung and Kia Malinen

Cospopolitanism and welfare chauvinism in Sweden

Max Jerneck

Binds and bridges to protection in crisis: the case of unaccompanied refugee youth from Afghanistan in Sweden

Gregg Bucken-Knapp and Karin Hjorten Zelano

The tricky thing of implementing migration policies; insights from return policies in Sweden

Henrik Malm Lindberg

Migration, trade unions and the re-making of social inclusion; the case of territorial union engagement in France, Italy and Spain

Stefania Marino, Miguel Martinez Lucio and Heather Connolly

Swedish trade unions and migration; challenges and responses

German bender

Unemployed marginalized immigrant women: work integrating social enterprises as a possible solution

Sophie Nachemson-Ekkwall

Skill requirements and employment of immigrants in Swedish hospitality

Aliaksei Kazlou and Karl Wennberg

Ethnic discrimination during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ali Ahmed, Mats Lundahl and Eskil Wadensjö

Model minority and honorary White? Structural and individual accounts on being Asian in Sweden

Sayaka Osanami Törngren, Nahikari Irastorza and Aliaksei Kazlou

Loyalty and integration among young adults with minority backgrounds in Norway

Jon Rogstad

Immigrant integration and vaccine hesitancy among Somali immigrants in Stockholm

Sara Valdez

Conclusion to migration and integration in a post-pandemic world

Lin Lerpold, Örjan Sjöberg and Karl Wennberg


The book will be available Open Access in July 2023.

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