The Swedish Climate Policy Council presents its annual report

Today, the Swedish Climate Policy Council’s annual report was presented by Cecilia Hermansson and Björn Sandén. One main message is that Sweden’s emissions need to be reduced more quickly than before, in order to achieve Sweden’s climate targets and halt global climate change. The EU is staying on course and picking up the pace, while Sweden has lost steam.
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The Swedish Climate Policy Council makes 10 recommendations to the Government:

1. Design a climate policy action plan that results in an accelerated climate transition, so that emissions are reduced in the near future and the 2030 climate targets are achieved.
2. Ensure that the action plan covers all sectors and leverages the entire overall policy to reach the long-term target of net-zero emissions by 2045 followed by negative emissions.
3. Ensure that the implementation of the action plan is prioritised and coordinated within the Government under the leadership of the Prime Minister.
4. Follow up the implementation of the action plan in the annual climate report to Parliament.
5. Give relevant agencies a standing mandate to provide decision guidance for the climate policy action plan with proposals that provide emission reductions that exceed the climate targets
6. Make society less sensitive to future resource price shocks, for example through measures for a more efficient use of energy, materials, and products and a diversified supply.
7. Build up skills and preparedness to be able to design and effectively implement short-term crisis interventions in the future, without these counteracting the possibilities of achieving long-term climate goals.
8. Continue to develop good examples of planning processes and forms of collaboration that can help to accelerate the transition while better leveraging synergies and making trade-offs among competing interests.
9. During the term of office, carry out a review of relevant societal goals to ensure that goals and governance are consistent with the climate targets and aligned with previous parliamentary decisions.
10. Develop a clearer, comprehensive narrative about Sweden’s climate transition.

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