SFL Centre director speaks in the Swedish Parliament

In November, Sustainable Finance Lab’s director, Malin Malmström, gave a presentation in the Swedish Parliament. The seminar was organized by Winnet Sverige and focused on women’s conditions in society.
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Where can you find the woman’s perspective in societal change, green enterprises, new technology, and rural development? A seminar addressed these questions in the Swedish parliament in November.

The organizers had invited persons from The Committee on Industry and Trade, The Committee on the Labour Market, The Committee on Finance, Almi, Vinnova, The Swedish Gender Equality Agency, The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, the Swedish Energy Agency, and the Swedish Public Employment Service to the seminar.

Malin Malmström’s presentation was titled Gender Bias in Financing Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a theme she has been investigating throughout her academic path, starting in 2007. One main finding in her research is that annually, men’s businesses get a disproportionately large share of public funding aimed at companies. This pattern is also evident in the private capital market, such as in the distribution of venture capital and in access to and conditions for bank lending. She further showed how gender bias interferes with the allocation of such funding.

The gender bias in the financing processes has implications, such as the risk of financiers betting on the “wrong” entrepreneur, the financial gap for women is not bridged to the same extent as for men, and the risk of undercapitalization, underperformance, and consequences for the survival and growth opportunities in women’s businesses.

Gertrud Åström, entrepreneur, honorary doctor, and gender equality policy investigator, gave a presentation on women’s labour market and equality for a sustainable change. The seminar was chaired by Lili André, economic policy spokesperson at KD, and Marie S Torstensson, chairperson at Winnet Sverige.

Besides being SFL director, Malin is a professor in entrepreneurship and innovation, Industrial Economics at Luleå Technical University.

Malin Malmström presents in a seminar in the Swedish Parliament.
Malin Malmström presents in a seminar in the Swedish Parliament.

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