Invitation to Seminar 19 March: Mitigating Pandemic Risks through Financial Influence (FinBio/SFL)

Welcome to a Mistra FinBio and Sustainable Finance Lab seminar on financial influence on global risks of emergent diseases.
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We are pleased to invite you to a seminar that aims to shed light on a critical aspect of pandemic prevention—the role of powerful financial institutions. The seminar will delve into the ways in which financial entities, including investment companies, pension funds, and banks, could play a pivotal role in accelerating actions to mitigate the risks of new pandemics resulting from human activities and land use change. In a recently published paper, investors behind companies operating in regional hotspots for emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases have been identified. Large investors hold potential influence over companies operating in these hotspots, and could try to mitigate risks of new pandemics.

Seminar Details:

Topic: Mitigating Pandemic Risks through Financial Influence

Speakers: Victor Galaz and Juan Rocha

Date: March 19, 2024

Time: 14.00-15.00


Associated paper: Galaz, V., Rocha, J., Sánchez-García, P., Dauriach, A., Roukny, T. & Søgaard Jørgensen, P. 2023. Financial influence on global risks of zoonotic emerging and re-emerging diseases: an integrative analysis. Lancet Planetary Health. DOI:

Victor Galaz is an Associate Professor in political science at the Stockholm Resilience Centre and FinBio Board member.

Juan Rocha is a Researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre and leads the FinBio work package on Capturing Complex Biodiversity Impacts. He is also an SFL-affiliated researcher.

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