Peer-reviewed publications

Articles and papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and peer-reviewed books and book chapters.

Kar, A. and Bali Swain, R.


Does financial inclusion improve energy accessibility in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Applied Economics

Corvino, Fausto

(In press)

Is It Morally Justifiable to Pass on Part of the Costs of Pivotal Climate Action to Future Generations?

Philosophy and Public Issues – Filosofia e Questioni Pubbliche

Corvino, Fausto


The Forward-Looking Polluter Pays Principle for a Just Climate Transition

Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy

Corvino, Fausto


The Compound Injustice of the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)

Ethics, Policy & Environment

Bali Swain, R, Amin Karimu & Erik Gråd


Sustainable development, renewable energy transformation and employment impact in the EU

International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology, 29(8)

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Towards Collaborative Infrastructure Procurement

Public Money & Management, 42(4)

Malmström, M., & Öqvist, A.


Constructing an Entrepreneurial Identity: How Enterprise Intentions Among Young People are Motivationally Formed

Entrepreneurship Research Journal

Borglund, T., De Geer, H., Frostenson, M., Lerpold, L., Nordbrand, S., Sjöström, E., … Grafström, M.


CSR and Sustainable Business

Shellock, R. J., Cvitanovic, C., McKinnon, M. C., Mackay, M., van Putten, I. E., Blythe, J., Crona, B.,… & Wisz, M. S.


Building leaders for the UN Ocean Science Decade: a guide to supporting early career women researchers within academic marine research institutions

ICES Journal of Marine Science, 80(1)

Yu, I.K.M., Sanctuary, M. et al.


Closing the waste gap

One Earth 5(11)